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Brooklyn Estate Planning Lawyer

Brooklyn Estate Planning Lawyer

Brooklyn Estate Planning Lawyer

The Brooklyn estate planning lawyer is well known for his empathy and dedication to representing his clients and helping them achieve their personal and estate goals as effectively as possible. It’s his delight to see the desires of his clients concerning their estate affairs been effectively carried out, such as having the right retirement plan and guardianship when the client becomes too old and unable to care for themselves, writing a will or trust that bests satisfies the clients wishes, helping their families through the complexity of probate, as well as other estate planning issues. Consult the Brooklyn estate planning lawyer today for an effective estate planning.

Estate planning

The Brooklyn estate planning lawyer advises clients in the creation of a univocal estate plan that clearly expresses their personal wishes concerning the protection and distribution of their assets, while providing the family with financial security as well as cutting down estate taxes. The estate planning attorney will help you establish the various documents enshrined in an estate plan, and ensure they are each properly documented according to Brooklyn laws. Such documents include a:

  • Last Will
  • Living Will
  • Healthcare proxy
  • Trust
  • Power of attorney.

In a case where these documents flout the dictates of Brooklyn laws, your estate plan will become void and ineffective. Also, in tye absence of a valid Last Will, your estate will be declared intestate, and it is in the jurisdiction of the state to determine who and who benefits from your property, and this inevitably will go against your wishes for your family. To avoid situations like this, do contact the Brooklyn estate planning lawyer now.

It is worthy of note that estate laws change from time to time, and therefore an estate plan has to be updated along with the laws. You may be ignorant of these changes, but the estate planning lawyer will notify you and help update your plan.

Trusts and estate

A trust is a legal agreement between you and your trustee, transferring your assets into the hands of the trustee.

A trust is an important legal document which may or may not be included in an estate plan. There are also several kinds of trusts of which the estate planning lawyer will fill you in on, as well as advise you whether or not to opt for either of them. There are complex estate planning issues which can only be resolved when you establish a trust. It gives your trustee financial freedom without having to go through probate, and estate taxes are reduced or avoided when you establish a trust.

The estate planning lawyer represents clients on all matters involving estate and trusts, and also in eviction cases arising where there are tenants occupying the estate of the decedent. He ensures that beneficiaries gets their full inheritance in the right proportion as stated in the will or trust.

Guardianship and healthcare

This is another important aspect of an estate plan. You may have minors who you need to be taken care of when you die. Or you may seek to have a guardian who will represent you when you become too feeble and weak due to age. Here, the Brooklyn estate planning lawyer has vast expertise in proving your incapacitation to the law court in order to grant you guardianship as well as healthcare benefits provided in the constitution.

The Brooklyn estate planning lawyer is well versed in the estate laws of Brooklyn and seeks to use these laws to your best interests. In his presence, you should feel comfortable disclosing your personal issues and interests because that indeed is the basis of his work. He will listen to you and offer insight on the best estate plan that eases your situation.

Hence, do contact and hire the Brooklyn estate planning lawyer now.

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